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Your One-Stop-Shop Supply Partner

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience,
grow your vision with a supplier upon whom you can


  • We will work collaboratively with your teams as your “one-stop shop” supply partner to make your program launches seamless.

  • Quality management capable of serving the rigorous demands of the Automotive and Diverse markets.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Power Manufacturing
  • Flexibility to manage a wide range of product types for numerous applications such as Crash Protection/Structural, Powertrain/Drivetrain/Chassis, Seating, Interior, Exterior, and more.

Contract Manufacturing

High Volume

100 - 800 Ton
Stamping Presses

Custom Machining & Manufacturing Solutions

Power to Innovate

You are in Charge of Your Parts!

Power Manufacturing can deliver traditional processes, such as Machining, Stamping, Cutting,  Welding & Assembly cost effectively and with the utmost quality.

Machining Views

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