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Wide Range of Presses & their Capabilities in Manufacturing

Having a wide range of presses from 100 to 800 tons can offer many advantages for various manufacturing and fabrication processes. 
800 ton press for metal stamping in manufacturing
800 Ton Press

Versatility: The wide tonnage range allows manufacturers to handle various size parts, from small shoot-and-ship stampings to large structural, interior, exterior, powertrain/chassis, and BIW parts. 

Material Flexibility: Presses can process various materials, ranging from Aluminum to Stainless Steel to traditional HR/CR Steels, and many other options upon request. 

Product Size Variation: The 800T press like the one Power Manufacturing has in house, has a large bed size of 120” x 72”. This large bed allows multiple sizes in parts production. Large tonnage presses are often in demand and hard to find in the market. 

Complex Shape/Forming: Presses are able to process a variety of parts, from simple stampings to intricate or complex designs. Not all manufacturers offer secondary process such as; Assembly, Welding, Machining, and Saw Cutting. Power Manufacturing offers these for further value under one roof.

Reduced Turn-Around Times: With a range of presses appropriate tonnage and bed size can be assigned for each project, optimizing planning and production processes.

High Production Capacity: The combination of various tonnages and bed sizes helps balance small-batch production and larger production runs effectively. 

Precision & amp; Consistency: The higher tonnage capabilities of the 800T press can provide consistent and repeatable results, especially when working with thick or challenging materials. This can lead to improved quality control and reduced scrap rates.

Economies of Scale: Using the appropriate press for each job optimizes energy usage and prolongs the life of the equipment. It can also help you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on larger presses for smaller tasks.

Customization: The availability of different tonnages and bed sizes offers more customized solutions to customers’ specific needs, enhancing competitiveness in the market.

Future Growth & amp; Innovation: A diverse range of presses positions manufacturing facilities for future growth and innovation. As technology evolves and new materials and techniques emerge, having versatile equipment ensures we can adapt and explore new manufacturing possibilities.

With a wide range of presses, including an 800T press with a large bed size, Power Manufacturing can provide you, as our customer, with the flexibility, capacity, precision, and versatility needed to handle a variety of projects and materials efficiently.

If you have any questions on this process give us a call or shoot us an email, we will happily answer any questions you might have.


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