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CNC Machining

Power Manufacturing is proud to provide Custom
CNC Machining
services to customers across North America.


  • All of our production takes place in our expansive 22,000 square foot machining shop within our 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

  • We have the ability to run both low & high volume production, specializing in custom machined components and secondary processing for a number of industries in the Automotive & Diverse Markets.

  • If you are motivated to put your trust in a high quality, vertically integrated parts supplier, Power Manufacturing is poised & ready to support your CNC Machining needs and growth initiatives. 

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities feature a number of competitive advantages:

Competitive pricing due to the ability to automate and streamline production processes, reducing labor costs and minimizing waste

Quick order turn-around time ensures the speed you need to meet tight production timing deadlines & deliver products to market quickly

Large line-up of CNC Mills & Lathe, offering versatility for a wide range of products and sizes

CNC machines that produce highly precise parts with consistent quality, accuracy, and part repeatability

4-Axis on all CNCs

Secondary Machining of Stampings / Tubes / Extrusions / Die Cast Parts and more

CNC machining bed up to 32” x 84”

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