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  • What is your largest press bed size for stamping?
    We have a wide range of 100T-800T presses, with our 800T press having a large bed size of 120” x 72”.
  • What other value-add processes can Power Manufacturing provide?
    We are experienced in performing secondary operations like machining and stamping on extrusions, tubes and other products. We’re prepared to consider any value-add process you may require, like welding and assembly as well. Please inquire as to your specific project needs.
  • What is your largest CNC bed size?
    We can machine very large parts, such as Pillars and Crossmembers, with CNC bed size up to 32” x 84”.
  • What makes Power Manufacturing CNC Machining unique?
    We have various CNC Mills (with 4th Axis) and Lathes ready to take on your projects. We design and build our own fixtures in-house, leading to the highest quality fixtures while optimizing costs. We can also do most of our own engineering changes and repairs in-house, creating even greater efficiencies.
  • What secondary services are often used for your stampings?
    E-Coat, Powder Coat, Heat treatment, washing/cleaning, surface treatments, and deburring among others.
  • What types of materials can be processed using Stamping, Machining and Cutting?
    Aluminum, Cold/Hot Rolled steel in multiple grades, Coated/Uncoated/Plated steels, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, and more. Ask us if you have another material you would like us to consider. We are able to CNC machine various materials like metal, wood, and plastic. We are open to either scenario of material being provided to us on consignment or purchasing our own material via our trusted material sources.
  • What raw material thicknesses are utilized in your stamping process?
    We have worked on projects with very thin material up to approx. 0.25” thick.
  • What type of Saw Cutting can Power Manufacturing do?
    We have various saws that can do straight, miter and compound miter cuts. We can cut extrusions, tubular products, and more.
  • What types of annual volume programs can Power Manufacturing accommodate?
    Power Manufacturing can accommodate a wide range of product volumes, although high volume, full production programs are preferred and create the best economies of scale. We can run specialty niche programs with thousands of parts per year up to programs with millions of parts per year.
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